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Murder on the Nile

Pulse Ensemble Theatre, NY

Directed by Alexa Kelly




Theatremania: "Murder on the Nile is very cleverly introduced as if it were a screening of an old film.  The fearsome title is splashed across a projection screen while a dramatic score plays in the background; then the screen lifts to show Zhanna Gurvich's breathtaking set." - Brooke Pierce


OOBR: "The mood was neatly set right at the beginning with title projections and music in the manner of a 1940's movie, a motif that was beautifully evoked by Zhanna Gurvich's sets and Terry Leiong's costumes, all done in black and white, with shades of grey.  Props were included in the design - even the plants on each table in the observation saloon on the boat steaming down the Nile were monochromatic....And when the curtain went up for ACT Two, the set, costumes and props had been touched with a technicolor wand.  Hockey, but very effective - and the audience was in on the joke." - David Mackler


TheatreScene: "Agatha Christie's...1946 comfortably ensconced in set designer Zhanna Gurvich's neat paddle steamer observation saloon."- Jeannie Lieberman

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