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Mary Broome - Act II.jpeg
Mary Broome - Act III.jpeg
Mary Broome - Act IV.jpeg
Mary Broome Fireplace I.jpeg
Mary Broome Fireplace II.jpeg
MB 5 front alt.jpg
MB 5 back.jpg
Mary Broome - Zoom.jpeg
Mary Broom 3 Front.jpeg
MB 1 back.jpg
MB 1 zoom.jpg
MB 4 front alt.jpg
Mary Broome 2 zoom.jpeg
MB 6 front alt.jpg
Mary Broome 4 zoom.jpeg
MB 3 front alt.jpg
MB 3 back.jpg
MB Zoom.jpeg
MB 7 front.jpg
MB 7 back.jpg
MB 7 zoom.jpg
MB 2 back.jpg
MB 2 zoom.jpg

Mary Broome

Charge Scenic

Mint Theater, NY




New York Times: "Technical contributions are impeccable. Roger Hanna’s evocative sets (including a reversible fireplace)... Zhanna Gurvich’s paintings add a wry, droll underpinning."- Andy Webster

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