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Hello & Goodbye

Rattlestick Productions, NY

Directed by Howard Meyer




New York Times: "The director, Howard Meyer, and set designer, Zhanna Gurvich, imagine the Smit homestead as a building whose flimsy walls are made of cardboard boxes; it neatly underscores the compartmentalizing of lives in a strange and unhappy family, which in the siblings' younger days was dominated by a cold and brutal father." - Peter Marks

Daily News: "Hester and...Johnnie wrangle in front of the shack (wittily designed by Zhanna Gurvich)..." - Howard Kissel

The Record Review: "Set designer Zhanna Gurvich uses the...stage well, opening up the whole space to the audience. There are no flats, just an artful arrangement of moving boxes serving as an appropriate background for the intimate den.  Hats off to her." - Kyle Minor

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