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Mackenzie-Figaro floor
Figaro Act II
Transitions lecture copy.140
Ah Wilderness 1

Production Work by Students and Interns

Featured: Marble Floor and Tile Stencils for Marriage of Figaro by Mackenzie Cunningham and Lua Frontczak

Papier-mâché trees, sculpted stone slabs and large puppets for The Hobbit by Sarah Taylor, Mackenzie Cunningham, JJ Margolis, Devin Anders, Amy Garland, Susan Downing, Lua Frontczak, Connor Hickman, Bernard Maxwell and Logan Smith

Carved Stone Fireplace with Decorative Panel, Tree Drop, and Candy/Chicken House for Hansel and Gretel by Shay Dite (designer and painter of decorative panel), Mackenzie Cunningham (charge drop painter), and Lua Frontczak

Painted Parquet Floor and Florence Painting for Il Tritico by Sarah Taylor and Mackenzie Cunningham 

Construction, Rigging, Prop Sourcing and Lighting Hang and Focus for Ah! Wilderness by Youth Theatre Project Participants; 


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